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Fleshkiller – Louder Than Bombs

Have you ever wondered how an organized chaos sounds like? Well then you don’t have to look no further, since a organized chaos sounds like the Christian death metal band Fleshkiller.

I visited Fleshkillers concert at the Gulbranna festival in Sweden a couple of days ago. Even though their music is louder than bombs, every little tone are well-planned and woven into their music. Fleshkiller plays a style of thrash and death metal, but with a little bit of harmony of Progressive Metal. In September 2017 they released their criticaly acclaimed debut album "Salth of the Earth".

The members of the band come from Norway and United States. It consists of Ole Børud - guitars, vocals, Elisha Mullins (USA) - guitars, vocals, Ole Vistnes - bass and Andreas Skorpe Sjøen - drums.

Click here if you want to hear how a organized chaos sounds like.
here if you want to see more pictures from the concert.

Text and Photo: Mikael Good

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