A Boarding School in Leningradskaya Oblast

150 children and youngsters study and live at the boarding school which is located in a small Russian town. Most of them live at the boarding school during the week and went home to their families during the weekends. Some children live permanently at the boarding school because their parents lost their parental rights because of alcohol abuse, imprisonment or other social problems which makes it impossible for them to take care of their children. In addition to education the children gets clothing, food, care and love from the staff. The school gives priority to education with small classes of 12-15 students. The small groups allows children to get the special education that they need. 90 dedicated employees work at the boarding school including 40 teachers. There are employees that are available for the children around the clock. The children sleep in dormitories that are divided by age and gender. The boarding shool was getting a much needed renovation. Craftsmen had recently changed pipes for water and sewage into the building. They worked with the toilets and bathrooms and some of them were finished at the time when I visited the boarding school. Text and Photo: Mikael Good