09. Greetings from Latvia – Sveicieni no Latvijas!

Latvia is the country in the European Union that has suffered hardest by the economic crisis and the country is now in a deep economic recession. The previously so Optimistic Latvian Tiger Economy which was pumped up by the major Swedish banks aggressive lending lost its bite and the country has gone into a deep economic recession. Workplace after workplace has gone bankrupt. According to official statistics nearly 20 percent of the population is now unemployed but unofficial sources are talking about an unemployment rate of almost 40 percent and in some rural areas in the east of Latvia the unemployment is almost 100 percent according to social workers.

The exhibition Greetings from Latvia has been shown at Gallerian Port 9, Örnsköldsvik • Lastbil 2010, Jönköping • 591 Photography Gallery • Kungsporten, Huskvarna • Fjällräven Center, Örnsköldsvik • LIFE Force Magazine (UK). Articles about the families in the exhibition has also been published in various Finish, Norwegian and Swedish newspapers and magazines.